Story of Srey Neang

Srey Neang is a 12 year old girl full of life and energy. But when she joined us in January 2006, she was on the edge of death. Her mother died of the HIV virus and after that her father looked after Srey Neang. But he was also positive of HIV.

Although he saw, that his health was getting worse and worse, he refused to accept that his daughter was also HIV positive. However, when Srey Neang became seriously ill and she was seemingly about to die, he took her for blood tests and brought her to our project. He himself was in a really bad health condition and was not able to take care after his daughter anymore.  She came to us highly malnourished and very weak.  It was very difficult from the beginning to get to use to life in the project without her father. Slowly her health became better, she became stronger and today she is a happy girl. The relationship between her and her father stayed good, with her father coming to visit his daughter as much as he can. He is also taking medicine and his health is better now so for holidays Sreay Neang can go home to visit her dad.


When she arrive to House of family:

Srei nun pred

After our treatment:

Srei ning


Srei nun