She come almost at the end of her life

Thyda’s story began when she came to our project as a one and half year old. And it was really a fight for life. Thyda was born to a mother, who did not take any treatment for her AIDS disease and whose body was failing. She was not able to look after her children anymore. Her older sister, who was HIV positive, unfortunately passed away due to Thyda’s mother died three months after she gave birth to Thyda.On the pictures above you see as Thyda already looked after she received quality health care and nutritious nutritional supplements. In the picture below you can see a little  Thyda in time, when she was brought by his father to our orphanaHOF MAY 08 (17)ge.

Here is Thyda´s story… Her father, who tried to look after her, was not able provide the full care of his newborn child, and when her health became worst, he took her to hospital, where she was confirmed as being HIV positive. He brought her to our project and we started to fight for her life. After a period of nearly one year and we could see a positive progress.  She learnt how to sit, eat by herself and today she can run and plays like every other child of her age group.  Slowly she also started to communicate and Thyda today is an 8 year old and from a very young girl that ,when she came to the project ,was nearly at the end of her life has become a happy, smart and enthusiastic  little girl.