Rare guest in Cambodia

Rare guest in Cambodia

Very shortly after the celebration of Chinese New Year visited the Cambodian distinguished guests led by the founder of the University of St. Elizabeth and founder of Family House Project, which is Professor Vladimir Krčméry. Very pleasant complement the trio of masters Professor Gbur and Mr. Simko from Bangkok.

The first day they visited the capital city of Phnom Penh, where the idea of setting up a project for HIV + orphans created. The children had prepared for the visit of Cambodian traditional dance Apsara, which is interesting for its graceful movements, colorful costumes and dramatic make-up.

After the scent of jasmine from dancers they came onstage small actors in a drama class in HOF, who had prepared a really interesting performance when dramaturges and screenwriters were only children themselves. In addition, the program also added little singers and soon several songs in the local language.

After visiting the capital and rich lunch with the children followed the next day visit to the impoverished slum on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, where several project supports children and their families both on the educational as well as socially. On the third day continued with gentlemen escorted by Slovakian crew of Phnom Penh to the seaside town of Sihanoukville, where the project was based on five years later.

The Ministry provided the beautiful symbolism of the number five, as it was just five years, the professor visited Krčméry again in Sihanoukville. The children were full of anticipation and joy. The smallest children found use for opening a gate, welcome guests with bread and salt and donating traditional bracelet of jasmine. Our smallest, Sammang, even personally undertook on how to cast children made a gift to our professor, father of the project.

Khmer await guests anthem, which local worship rare visit, and was later the street to hear even the lowest, Slovak, which he rehearsed the next handful of children. Followed by a demonstration of Aikido, the youngest martial art originating from Japan. The oldest children attending Aikido for over three years, demonstrated various defensive techniques and Kimle as a single girl showed that the girls you know to knock down followed by a traditional Apsara dance, a joint lunch with the children in prayer dedicated precisely the children who suffer from hunger and war. After lunch we all employees, including 66 children and all went to the beach, which we completed this wonderful day for us so rare.
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