When poker helps

Poker tournament Asian Poker Tour takes place every year in several countries in Southeast Asia such as the Philippines, South Korea and Cambodia. For the second consecutive year, the Asian Poker Tour takes place in Cambodia in Sihanoukville and House of Family was there. Do you ask what is a common childhood home and gambling? Read our article on …
Poker is certainly a lot of people not associated with charity and help others before us in the name of the world’s favorite game gives links to gambling, casinos or those with pockets full of money. Asian Poker Tour player provides several days of continuous experience and the opportunity to play poker with professionals from around the world in destinations, but equally does not forget those who need a helping hand.

At every single tournament is a night dedicated to charity and helping others, which proceeds from the night wandering the management organization of the tournament selected. Now you may be asking yourself, what are orphans in an orphanage in common with poker …
Thanks to our long-term cooperation orphanage with local hotels QueenCo us already last October selected Asian Poker Tour as a single entity, which will be gifted with the proceeds of a charity evening of the tournament. Hotel QueenCo it is precisely the place where this event year after year in Cambodia takes place and so is the hotel with a huge heart and taste to help those in need. Since September 2015 helped House of Family multiple – financial, material support beds for children, equipment for the kitchen, or just to facilitate contacts at the House of Family other organizations – just as was the case in the Asian Poker Tour.

Last year we used the subsidy to acute costs on our children at the time. This year the collected amount will pay 8 children (secondary school children), IT courses after which children will receive a certificate and the team will again have more chances of finding a good job after graduation. The remaining money will cover the cost of the two-day trip to the capital Phnom Penh for 11 children from the House of Family – the best students for the previous academic year 2014/2015.

If you’re the type of person who no longer believes in the good of people and their selfless intention to help, you should start. From my own experience of this project, I can say that often do not know how, but suddenly you’re surrounded by people who are always willing to help and the children of the House of Family for them are not just “any children in an orphanage.”

As Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is worth living.”