Two years in sex bar…

Heng Chhayrak is 12 years old. In our project everyone calls him Ratko. He had to go through many difficulties in his very young life and his story resembles a plot of a gangster movie. As a 4 year old, Ratko became an orphan after his parents died of AIDS. Shortly, he was taken to live in sexbar, where he was looked after by the two sisters of his mother. He had a place to sleep and at least he got something to eat. We don’t know, and we really do not 11948027_793546307409654_882745452_nwish to know, everything that he had to go through and had to see in this kind of place. We strongly believe, he will not remember a lot from this period of his life. We have found him as a quiet, introvert child, always looking down, showing no emotions. He wasn’t capable of any physical contact with adults. He found extremely difficult to play with the ball or with other toys. However, his blood tests were a pleasant surprise for everyone – the results turn out to be negative! He was one of the small number of children in our project who are HIV negative. Desperately, Ratko had a number of different diseases, one of them being malnutrition. Because in Sihanoukville there are no other organizations that could help this child, he became a member our House of Family. Since he has being living at the facility there has been a big improvement in his social behavior as well as in his health condition. From the boy, who was emotionally neglected he has become a smart, skillful child, successful student, with great talent for sport and dance.


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